Warder Mansion

The Chapman Difference

Chapman Development is a unique real estate development company that focuses on the revitalization of emerging urban neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. Our team specializes in multi-family property development, working closely with local communities to create elegant yet affordable living spaces. Each Chapman project is crafted to retain a sense of history and community while expressing the most important aspect of any living space — a sense of home.

16  Years


Our goal is to exceed the expectations of not only the residents but our partners and investors as well, by creating exciting and customized residential properties that advance the revitalization of urban neighborhoods while respecting the rich diversity of their existing fabric.


Chapman Development aims to bring reliable, luxurious housing to areas in transition.


All our apartment homes are crafted with the same caliber and materials found in other city dwellings, from granite countertops and hardwood floors to sleek, efficient appliances.